All of my beats n videos by $mi.£ee aka Me

❝Who am I? ❞
A young french women from Paris.

I fell in love with Music when I was a baby girl.

I sing, write, make beats.

Hope yall will enjoy my vision of music.


Da Beginning…Futuristic Groundz presents “Silent Noise 2 Invade” out 01.29.2014 at 10PM (Paris Time)


The Soul Stirrers How Far Am I From Canaan


Sum lyrics

#100 ✔️

FUTURISTIC GROUND x SMI.LEEZ PRESENTS : SILENT NOISEThis is more than a mixtape… This is a beat tape!! 
The Silent Noise project gathers professionnal and non-professionnal beatmakers from France and Belgium, like Bvxter, Chineze, Bobby Brownies, Smi.LeeZ or The Key Light. Silent Noise. That name, a so-well found oxymoron, makes me want to discover its beats and its several musical universes. In fact, the mixtape contains a bunch of beats, that belongs to rap or R&B. I don’t know about you guys, but this kind of mixtape got me become songwriter/singer. Talking about singing, you guys have to know Smi.leeZ is a French artist. She is hard-working, focused and talented. I hope you guys check her music out: here.For the Silent Noise beat tape, you can download it on Hot New Hip-Hop (click here) or in the collective beat-makers’ website: here.

thx for this post!!! #SILENTNOISE